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to get around Hawaii

Once you arrive to the islands you'll discover that there is no better way to see Hawaii than by a moped. You can zip around from sight to sight. Rent a moped that meets high standards and is made to specifications by the best manufacturers. You can't rent from better!

Trust a company that has earned the trust of many throughout 26 years of honest service.

When you reserve your moped and pay in full it is guaranteed to be there when you need it.



Half day   $25

24 hour    $30

3 day       $75



Get a guaranteed reservation

Feel confident driving a moped that only has the best, custom made, dependable parts to get you around.  Whether you rent your ride or decide to buy, you will be completely satisfied. Should you need specialized parts or repairs, you can bring your moped back to our expert technicians and have it fixed in no time at an affordable rate. You'll be relieved that you can do it all in one location. Contact us anytime to find out more about service and accessories.

Trust a company that's served Hawaii since 1989

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